Jan Husarik

Jan Husarik


Jan Husarik was born in 1942 in Padina, village of Banat near Belgrade. Of Slovak origin. Since 1958 he paints on canvas. He exhibited for the first time in 1969 in Belgrade. Growing up after the Second World War, he was so poor, he could not afford any education. Nevertheless, he kept his vision in his heart, knowing that someday he would tell all the stories of his childhood trough paintings.He worked as a farmer, and having little land, dedicate more time to painting. For style and use of color is very close to „school“ of Kovacica. Show interest in certain topics wider existence of which he returns in many paintings, especially with the series entitled „thirst“. In his paintings the strong colors predominate, and among these favors orange. Art world naive painter Jan Husarik from Padina, has three themes: Lust, Troy and Surrealism. All three visual themes are derived from love, love of homeland and love of the past. Birthplace of painter Jan Husarik-Padina is located in the Banat, on the very edge Deliblatska sands in the past had big troubles because of the lack of water.
He also became a source of thirst Jana Husarik artistic creativity. A real thirst is gradually transformed into a symbol of the universal thirst, thirst, physical and spiritual thirst, thirst for love, beauty and happier life. Specific themes of landscapes Husarik Jana, who is the artistic-broken jars and their debris-occupy a central place. Behind these dry jars Husarik power of imagination and love for growing flowers, whose petals are rising high and deep over the flat horizon. In this way, using image composition Husarik glorifies beauty, which grows in dry a broken shock-symbol thirst. Jan Husarik Banat by painting his landscapes with deep horizon previously narrative with all possible details, like other naive painters. Recently, he began to paint for him the characteristic motifs with significant details and expressed purely visual stylization of forms. His old motifs are represented by simple shapes, where the decorative side of his artistic expression and also more pronounced in simpler terms.
Another major theme of artistic creativity Jana Husarik the distant past. Jan Husarik many years interested in the question of geographical location of the famous site of Troy. Obsession is what You can find in this topic and same visual expression in painting works of Jan Husarik.
Jan Husarik is among the most prominent and best contemporary painters Kovacica naive art. Almost half a century of creativity has had numerous exhibitions from Paris to Melbourne and Sydney. The greatest recognition for their creativity Jan Husarik received in Italy and France. To mention only Oscar for art and technology in Milan, and honorary membership in the International Association of Culture in Naples and the Order of the French Republic for cultural cooperation.


His paintings can be authenticated seal received an honorary Academy for his work in Naples 1980th.


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