Zuzana Chalupova

Zuzana Chalupova


The World famous Naive Art painter from Kovacica

Zuzana Chalupova may not have founded Kovacica’s naïve art scene, but she was certainly its foremost member.

She completed five years of primary school. In the fifties, as a member of the Association of women embroider scarves, shirts, tapestries … was reputed to be the best because the traditional motifs complement your own ornaments. As soon as he sold needlepoint for five thousand  old dinars bought oil paints to paint on canvas.

The first picture is painted with oil paints 1964th The „beating hemp.“
Her success was meteoric. Started cooperation with Gallery of Naive Art in Svetozarevo, first exhibited in Kovačica (Kovačica October), and his first solo exhibition was the 1968th in Dubrovnik, who are delighted with foreigners bought all the pictures.
Children are the main theme of artistic expression Zuzana Chalupová. Even the adults posed as children, the difference was only a mustache. It is often said that children’s souls Zuzana painter. In addition children are frequent motifs winter Kovacica church, biblical themes.
Not a few work was done on humanitarian needs. This created a monumental compositions dedicated to the Red Cross in Geneva. In the foreground are dozens of characters, children and members of the Red Cross, dressed in traditional Slovak costume with the Red Cross insignia.
A symbolic compositions created in 1978 for the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia „Protection of Monuments of Culture.“ In this image dominates the Gracanica monastery, which is situated near the statue „winner“ around which a multitude of cheerful children in a Slovak national costume, several Orthodox priests, many birds, icons, chalices, roadside monuments, as God in heaven watching this perfect harmony.
1974th The Halupova painted for Unicef „Children United Nations“, a work full of symbols: in the center of the composition is the globe and in the background is the building of UNICEF. There are also the Statue of Liberty, cheerful children born, angels with olive branches. That same year, Unicef, her painting „Winter“ is printed in the form of Christmas cards in two million copies.
Her paintings with their bright colors and striking colors radiate cheerfulness and optimism.
Printed numerous publications and documentary film about the life of Zuzana Chalupová.


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