Alzbeta Cizikova

Alzbeta Cizikova


Member of the Kovacica Naïve Art Gallery

She was born in Kovacica finished secondary school administration.
More fifties years as a student began to paint. Within Kovacica painter is present from the very beginning of its work.

As stated in the rich archives Jonaševoj there is evidence that on 27 January 1954th year, advising on the art section of cultural and educational society Pokrok, admitted to membership Marček Adam and Jan Venjarski, and students Alžbeta Cizik and Paulina roots. Alžbetin teacher was Martin Jonas, from whom he learned painting techniques, preparing canvases, working with oil paints, and more. However, her spirit is much closer to the first Kovačica painter, and her cousin Martin Paluska. More of her suit its poeticised picturesque scene that is encouraged to paint.
Many have family responsibilities at a time separated from her love. But, since 1965. The continuous image, and since 1966. years, regularly exhibiting at the event „Kovačica October.“
Alžbeta managed to have known the contents of the usual village life „soak“ warmth and sincerity. Specific and recognizable images to convey the traditions, customs and life of their compatriots. Her paintings exude warmth and sophistication of expression. Her work is a product of extreme sensibility and lyrical memories of the experiences of his youth, the village life that is remembered as a child. The result is images that appear cheerful and carefree youth who are just coming to life and the romantic, idealized native landscape.
Alžbeta is a very good artist, deals with graphics, but also watercolor and pastel. Therefore, her paintings and drawings synthesis of rich colors, all of which provides a unique and idyllic harmony that captures tranquility and gentle poetics.
For her painting, received a lot of well-deserved recognition. Some of them were Medal of Amsterdam in 1979. The gold medal at an international exhibition in Debeljača 1989th year, a special award at the Sixth Biennial of Yugoslavian naive art in Jagodina 1993rd year diploma at the International Exhibition in Lisbon naive 1996th.
In 1999. received the award for the total work of art at the IX International Biennial of Naive Art in Jagodina


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