Juraj Lavros

Juraj Lavros

Juraj Lavros

Juraj Lavros was born on June 27th, 1963. He is living and creating in Padina, Serbia. For the last 30 years, he has been active occupied with painting, and his creations have already been exibited throughout the world.

His single exhibitions:

* 1994 – Kovacica
* 1995 – Kopaonik
* 1995 – Cyprus
* 2009 – Bratislava (Slovakia)

His group exhibitions:

* Serbia: Padina, Kovacica, Pancevo, Beograd, Kopaonik, Petrovec, Budva, Igalo, Nis
* Slovakia: Bratislava, Trencin, Detva, Nitra, Trencianske Teplice
* Germany: Bon, Berlin, Reutlingen, Munich
* Kanada: Montreal
* Meksiko: Mexico city

The innate skill and talent for painting were already present, what was missing were the courage and desire for creativity. By uniting these two components with his natural gift, he is starting to create his art expressions which are very quickly accepted by the art lovers throughout the world.
His paintings are simply winning over the public with surveying the image of the plain landscape, their colouring and the artist’s sense for composing the colours.
Like the other painters, he is also presenting the plain with bare trees, an amazing vegetation and only some cottages with a well, the symbol of Padina’s townsmen. Such magic, but real world is united with a refined colouring. The pastel, mild tonality, the well thought-out choice of colours which are drowning one into another like the rainbow’s spectrum, the virtuoso nuances, are sealing Juraj’s art expression, the recognizable formula of his own art language and proving his talent.
Azzure applies, hardly covering the canvas, are complementing such composition and making it special and unique. The well and mischievous gander are presenting the symbol of his creativity – the symbol of the purity of his soul.
The paintings of Juraj Lavros are ruled by an exceptionally harmony. His paintings are presenting magic, built on innate talent, amazing virtual landscapes and virtuoso colourings.


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