Martin Jonas

Martin Jonaš (1924-1996)

He completed four years of primary school and six-month course for farmers. He was engaged in farming.
He began to paint the 1944th years in the army, where he painted the wall paper shall we.

1948th he began to think more seriously about painting and three years later became the fifth member of the art section Cultural and Educational Society „Pokrok“. At the first joint exhibition, presented the two images: „Harvest of Banat“ and „Field in the late fall.“

The first painting experience is gained by copying reprodukcije.Tokom sixties artistic expression becomes his original compositions and is largely narrative with folk motifs. Excess release details of the composition and the central motifs are exaggerated to the basic idea was obvious. Ear of corn, bread, pumpkin – symbols of fertility, becoming huge dimensions.
As a child, hiding under the table, stared foot was swollen and calloused hands of her father’s guests. Because his characters as if they came out of the grotesque: a small head and large hands and feet.
Man, earth, sky and corn are the main elements of the composition Jonas.
On Jonas pictures dominate orange crop. He spoke to him the color of wealth soothes, refreshes and brave, that reminds him of a field, the smell of bread and fruit.
Jonas has a few portraits and landscapes. One of the rare spots „My Kovačica“ symbolic panorama dominated by the church and the houses are placed round.
Martin Jonas is known for Brilliant drawing. In Italy, in 1978. At an international exhibition of drawings won the gold medal together with Salvador Dali. Earlier in 1973, he was the first foreign awards in Italy; Kaltanisetea diploma and medal from Latisana and 1976th The five of his prints, printed in gold, was placed on exhibition in Capri, the island of the same name.
He was engaged in watercolor, pastels and is best known for oil paintings, prints and drawings.


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Martin Jonas