Jan Glozik

Jan Glozik

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JAN GLOZIK (1957-)

Jan Glozik is naive painter of Slovak origin. He was born in 1957 in small town of Kovacica (Serbia).

Member of the Kovacica Naïve Art Gallery

While attending school he often visited the exhibitions of Kovacica’s famous naive art painters, such as Martin Jonas, Martin Paluska, Zuzana Chalupova and others. After viewing those beautiful paintings, he wanted and tried to make painting of his own. He couldn’t manage it by him self, because he did not know the technique of preparing the canvas, oil colors, etc. After few years of trying to find his own artistic impression, he went to Zuzana Chalupova for help. She helped him gladly, and showed him the technique of preparing oil colors and canvas.

At the beginning of 1975, he made his first painting named “Going out to field”. In the middle of 1980’s he had his first exhibition. First collective exhibition was in Kovacica in 1989. He was admitted to Kovacica naive art council in 1989.

The themes on his works are often peasants, their work in field or yard, customs related to holydays from life of Slovaks who came in these parts of country two hundred years ago in search of better life. He had over 50 solo and collective exhibitions in country and foreign by now. He lives with his family in Kovacica.


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