Jan Knjazovic

Jan Knjazovic

JAN KNAZOVIC (1925-1986)

Jan Knazovic one of the most important representatives Kovacica naive painting. He was a most original  painter from Kovacica .Jan Knazovic reworded so when painting with artistic intention of imitating styles that created their completely unique authentic art world. It is also not shy to use color on their internal, emotional value and not the mimetic principles so as painted animals, leaves on the trees, and the trees themselves could be blue or pink. Jan Knazovic night was a painter, and although he painted scenes depicting life during the day. Under the guise of „ultramarine night“ cheerful village life ran its bizarre visual world.

Paintings of Jan Knazovic operate completely flat. The two-dimensional space dark image hosted Jan Knazovic linear village houses with trees, flowers, animals and people, and he showed a tendency to compositional complications same or similar themes. His strong sense of symmetry manifested to composing the image plane to provide them with a unique kind of orderliness and oneiric tone.Jan Knazovic painted with heart and even signed his paintings with red hearts and the letter K, and in this tradition continued after his daughter, who was signed by the two hearts and the initials A. K. a granddaughter who is already signed three hearts and the initials N. K. M..




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