Marci Markov

Marci Markov

MARCI MARKOV (1954-2013)

Marci Markov is a painter of Naïve art. He is a member of famuous „Kovacica trio“, together with Pavel Cicka and Pavel Hajko.

Member of the Kovacica Naïve Art Gallery

Markov was born June 30th 1954 in Pancevo, Serbia. He live and work in Padina. His love for painting emerged even in primary school. At first he was drawing with lead pencils. After primal and secondary school, already well-known naïve painters from Kovacica told him where he can buy oil coders. Markov wanted to try Paining with those colors, too, just like true masters. In 1977, made his first painting by using this technique. By 1981. He made five paintings and this is the year when he presented his work for the first time, on a collective exhibition of painters from Padina. The reviews were positive which was motivation to Continue working as an artist. In 1986, he became a member of the Gallery of naive art Kovacica. So far Markov had over 300 collective exhibitions all over the world (Tel Aviv, Singapore, Chicago, Montreal, Ottawa, Washington, etc.), and also 21 individual exhibitions (Padina. Alibunar, Novi Sad, Kikinda, Belgrade, Melbourne, Bratislava, Zilina…). „My inexhaustible source of Inspiration is the life in a village and events from my childhood“.


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