Rozalija Markov

Rozalija Markov

She was born in Stari Lec in 1956.Rozalija Markov’s painting belongs to Vojvodina naive art and bears many characteristics of Vojvodina’s flatland and depicts people working, going about their everyday life. What makes her paintings so unique and sets them apart from those of other Kovacica painters is the clear, transparent color, and the dynamic rhythm of her figures. She has thus managed to avoid unconscious submission to the Kovacica circle and become separate from it. She has her own form of expression, and that is the transposition of her personal internal world, through the prism of which the influences of her character and observations are reflected, more or less visible or invisible. Rozalija Markov’s opus contains three basic thematic entities that sometimes become intertwined: traditional work in the fields and the courtyard, interiors and village celebrations and festivities. She always depicts a large mass of men and women, each with his or her own task to perform. She follows the calendar of village tasks, setting down a virtual chronicle of her homeland and the people inhabiting it. At the same time she pays homage to work done in the old fashioned way with scenes of fieldwork, wheat harvest and grape gathering being transformed on her works into true festivals.

Rozalija Markov is original in the transparency of her color and in her figures that are solid, weighty and virtually tangible in their volume, while at the same time exuding a rhythmic dynamism. She has a marked feeling for composition and her paintings are powerful and convincing. She sometimes paints two or three huge stylized leaves instead of treetops. They stand out and dominate the landscape due to their size and, perhaps even more, due to their color. They remind one of the flowers of late fall, strange and intoxicatingly beautiful in their own way. While representing the oak, they also embody the solitude, strength, and endurance of the painter herself. That is perhaps why we can observe two small angels in the corner of her paintings. They are a recognizable sign and the painter’s signature.

By combining elements of the material and the artistic, Rozalija Markov creates poetic chronicles of distant, long-gone rural scenes and life.

Awards and acknowledgments

1. Limasol, Cyprus , 1996 International trust fund „The Peace Fund“ „We thank you for your donation.“

2. 1st Prize for the Prettiest Miniature. 2002. Association for Nourishing Naпve and Other Traditional Arts, Gallery Marko.

3. Vihnye, Slovakia , 2001. 1st Prize for the Artistic Value Marija Smihulova, art historian.

4. Varena, Italy, 2005. Comunita’ turistica centro lago a quadro n73 della pittrice

5. Varena, Italy, 2006. XXXV Mosta Internazionale per Pitura Naif – Giannino Grossi, Premio parrochia Varena





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