Pavel Hajko

Pavel Hajko

Pavel  Hajko was born in 1952 in Kovačica. In 1970 he finished high school, professional woodworking craft. His talent was noticed by Martin Jonas. And ‘constantly engaged in painting since 1973. He participated in the 1974 group exhibition of painters Kovačica. It has been able to build a unique style and his artistic expression diverts attention from the works of previous works of popular artists of Kovačica. Many compositions are based on scenes from the life, with imaginative and colorful stories. The main theme from 1975 is the rooster. The creation of a true legend as a symbol of beauty, life and death, love and struggle. The rooster is a bird of night and day, the bird of darkness and light. First he painted the rooster, symbol of life, struggling with the fox, which leads to death. Since 1981 is part of the ‘Association of Kovačica naive painters.

What is characteristic for Hajko creativity, is the erotic charge that is not characteristic of patriarchal community such as Kovacica. Erotic motives were in the earlier works of Kovačica, but only sporadically in the hint. It’s a sensitive subject that have hampered the ethical and religious standards of living in the countryside. Express his roosters fertility and sex drive, they falusoid neck which expresses the male principle. Pumpkins symbolize the feminine principle, and second, somewhat unexpected objects. Even nature has taken seductive curves of the female body, creating an interesting relationship between a woman and a man other „lover“ – earth.


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