Michal Povolni

Michal Povolni


Michal Povolny is naive painter of Slovak origin. He was born October 22, 1937 in Padina (village close to Kovacica, Serbia)

Member of the Kovacica Naïve Art Gallery


Born in Padina. He completed five years of primary school. Engaged in agriculture. Noted as a good artist still in elementary school. He began to paint the 1958th year.

Member of Naive Art Gallery, Kovacica. Since 1965. Collaboration with self-taught artists Gallery in Jagodina. It was first exhibited 1970th in Kovačica with Jan Husarik. The event „October Kovačica“ exhibits since 1971. year. Michal is one of the pioneers Favorable „Kovacica school“ in Padina. Favorable picture hometown warm yellow-brown color. What is his emblem are the ruins of the old windmills that cause nostalgic memories of a time when people of Vojvodina secured the bread. Today, these windmills do not have wings or a millstone. Relatively common and winter motifs that exude serenity. One of the most important compositions is „fair“ in 1973. year showing the village cattle market. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions at home and abroad (Tel Aviv, Rome, Dusseldorf, Jerusalem, Amsterdam …)


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