About naive art


Naive Art from Kovacica

Kovacica naive or a name for the school of naive art that developed in the village Kovacica.  This small village is more than forty years amaze the world with their art, especially painting.


Images that have worked uneducated self-taught painters Kovacica impressed and conquered the world. The motives of these artists are mainly from the war and life in rural areas. Their works are in museums and private collections  worldwide. The founders of the school were Kovacica Martin Paluska, Jan Sokol, Vladimir Bobos, Michal Bires and Jan Knjazovic and later were joined by Martin Jonas and Zuzana Halupova.

Characteristics of naive art from Kovacica are strong colors.

In his work, each artist brings and sort of painting that is distinguished by the motives or created by a form of expression. Each of the artists has a distinctive style of painting and writing.


Naive Art naive or a particular segment of the art of the twentieth century. It means work, mostly self-taught artist, who disagree with the dominant art movements of his time.

Naive art is an autonomous art that exists independently of clearly defined style and quality of art education, separate from external influences.  Naive Art  can not stand the rules – the rules are usually discovered only after the act of painting. It is impossible to learn it – just as the talent can not be taught.

Naive art in general pays a lot of attention to detail, vivid colors, folk motives and life of the common people, especially the peasants.